The IRIS Book 1982-2015  is intended to share experience and to reflect on the key concepts of Entrepreneurship. It is organized around 5 topics: Strategy & Management, Technology & Innovation, Partnership & Culture, Crisis & Disruption and Fun & People.

Each topic is divided in different sections that relate to a specific question or subject. The reader can select a section of interest from the Table of Orientation and access it directly to learn more about the IRIS story and the more general Lessons Learned on that subject.

Easy to access Table of Orientation

This book is designed to share real-life experience with engineers, young or confirmed entrepreneurs, managers willing to grow internationally, professors, etc.

“The IRIS Book is an excellent guide for the journey of the young entrepreneur and a  ‘must read’ for them” Sophie Neu, Managing Director Yncubator

Typical page of the IRIS Book

Its original format that allows an easy selection of the subject matter and proposes many pictures and cartoons should make it accessible to a wide audience, especially to the new generation.

Lessons Learned Page

The IRIS Book covers the 9 phases of development of the IRIS company, from a university spin-off to a listed company and finally to its integration into Canon.

The 9 phases of the IRIS project.

“IRIS Can inspire our new generation of entrepreneurs. It shows that the once famous, Belgian entrepreneurship spirit is still alive” Christian Boon Falleur (ex-director Ackermans & van Haaren)

The Preface is written by Eric Domb (Founder of Pairi Daiza) and the Baron Luc Bertrand (Chairman of Ackermans & van Haaren), who have both been key actors in the IRIS development.

To summarize some of the key elements of the IRIS Book:

  • The IRIS Book is written in English for a more international distribution.
  • It is designed to share experience with the new generation.
  • The format of the book is 17 cm x 24 cm
  • It contains 474 full-color pages and 642 pictures or cartoons
  • It has benefited from 63 contributors from Europe, USA and Japan who have directly been involved in this project (design, pictures, cartoon, review, proofreading, etc.)
  • There are 162 Lessons Learned proposed and 19 statements from key personalities
  • The IRIS Book project is supported by 16 partners
  • The price of the IRIS Book is €45 (including VAT)

Download the quick user guide to learn more about the organization of the IRIS Book: IRIS Book Quick User’s Guide

Watch the IRIS Book gallery to get a better feeling on the content and look and feel of the book.

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