Press Release – February 15, 2017

Pierre De Muelenaere announces the release of the IRIS Book, a book dedicated to Entrepreneurship.

This book is based on his 33 years experience at the head of the IRIS project.

Louvain-La-Neuve, February 15, 2017 – During a Press Conference at the Cercle du Lac, Pierre De Muelenaere has announced the immediate availability of the IRIS Book, a book dedicated to Entrepreneurship and designed to share real-life experience with the new generation.


After several years of preparation, Pierre De Muelenaere founded the Belgian company IRIS in 1987, to commercialize the results of his PhD. The first product of the company Texiris™ 1.0 was the commercial version of the innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology developed during the PhD.

Since then, and for 33 years in a row, Pierre was leading IRIS through all its development steps, from a University Spin-off to the IPO that has transformed IRIS in a listed company and allowed for an accelerated growth. More recently, he has established a strategic partnership with Canon and has later negotiated the takeover of IRIS and managed its integration in Canon Group.


The IRIS Book 1982-2015 captures that unique experience and is designed like a “Travel Guide – Guide to Entrepreneurship” that illustrates and reflects on the key concepts of Entrepreneurship. It is organized around topics, such as, Strategy & Management, Technology & Innovation, Partnership & Culture, Crisis & Disruption and Fun and People.

Each Topic is divided in different sections that relate to a specific question or subject matter. The reader can select a section of interest, according to the status of his own project, thanks to the Table of Orientation. Then, he can directly access the selected section to learn more about the IRIS story in that field and analyze the Lessons Learned, which are presented at the end of the section. These are often of a more general nature and can inspire other projects.

The IRIS Book is designed to share real-life experience with engineers, young or confirmed entrepreneurs, managers willing to grow their business internationally and professors (in Innovation, marketing, economy, etc.).

Its original format that allows an easy selection of the subject matter and proposes many pictures and cartoons should make it accessible to a wide audience, especially to the new generation.

The IRIS Book is presented in more details on the website


  • The IRIS Book is written in English for a wider and more international audience. The complete title is: The IRIS Book 1982-2015. The subtitle is: A 33 years story on Entrepreneurship from Belgium and what you can learn from it!
  • The book is designed to share experience with the new generation.
  • Eric Domb (Founder of Pairi Daiza) and the Baron Luc Bertrand (Chairman of Ackermans & van Haaren), two respected personalities of the Belgian business world have written the prefaces of the IRIS Book. They both know very well the IRIS project and have directly contributed to its development.
  • The format of the book is 17 cm x 24 cm.
  • It contains 474 pages in 4 colors with 642 pictures or cartoons.
  • The IRIS Book has benefited from the input of 63 people (from Europe, USA, Japan, etc.) who have directly contributed to this project (graphic design, pictures, cartoons, cross-check of the stories, etc.)
  • There are 162 Lessons Learned and 19 statements from key personalities.
  • 16 partners, who are all active in the development of Entrepreneurship support the IRIS Book project.
  • The price is €45 (VAT included).
  • The IRIS Book has been realized in self-publishing through the company Pygargue.
  • The promotion of the book is done amongst others, through cycles of conferences or lectures organized with actors of the Entrepreneurship.
  • The Website provides more information on this project, for instance on the content of the book, the events that are organized and the on-line or retail sales.

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