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1. IRIS Book Partners

The IRIS book project has been supported by the IRIS Book partners which are organizations that support Entrepreneurship and economic development in different ways. Many of them have played an important role in the IRIS development and should be excellent contacts for other entrepreneurs.

  • IRIS, one of the most inspiring Belgian success story in the field of Artificial Intelligence. More information on
  • Bird & Bird, legal counsel with strong expertise in Intellectual Property. More information on
  • Cercle du Lac, the business circle of Louvain-La-Neuve, where entrepreneurs meet. More information on
  • Citizen Entrepreneurs, a French non profit association which promotes entrepreneurial behavior and supports recognition of entrepreneurs. More information on
  • Clifford Chance, legal counsel with strong expertise in Merge & Acquisition operations and international business contracts. More information on
  • CNP, one the most active Belgian investment company, with a long term strategic vision. More information on
  • Degroof Petercam, a famous Belgian investment banker which was co-leader for the IRIS IPO in 1999. More information on
  • Delen Private Bank, is a member of the Ackermans & van Haaren group, specialized in asset management for private clients. More information on
  • DG06, is the Technology Development department of the General Direction of economy and supports many innovation projects in the form of grants of cash advances. More information on
  • E-Capital is a leading independent mid market private equity house and supports many growth companies for leverage buy-out, Buy and Build or equity investment. More information on
  • EY, is a leading audit firm that helps mid-size or stock listed companies to step-by-step improve the quality to their process and reporting . More information on
  • Guberna, is the leading organization promoting corporate governance for instance through a comprehensive set of training modules. More information on
  • QBIC, is a Venture Capital fund investing in spin-offs of several Belgian Universities (UGent, UAntwerpen, VUB, Vito, ULiège). More information on
  • Steven Sarlet, is a recognized European Patent Attorney that helps innovative companies to file quality patents on world-wide basis.  He currently works at NLO  More information on
  • UWE, is the employer’s organization of the Walloon region that aims obtain from government and authorities the best possible framework. More information on
  • Yncubator, is an incubator for student-entrepreneurs located in Louvain-La-Neuve. It supports the young people in the first stages of creation of their company through training and coaching. More information on

2. Looking for incubators in Belgium…

In Belgium, we have a good number of excellent incubators that can welcome and help young or confirmed entrepreneurs. The assets are usually: an inspiring place, a network of entrepreneurs, coaches and experts, the easy access to number of trainings, the possibility to get some personalized coaching.  Each incubator has its own specificity and it is useful to understand their specificities to make the right selection.

Here are some links to interesting incubators that I can personally recommend:

  • Incubators for young entrepreneurs:
    • Bruxelles: Start.Lab, ( , contact Catherine Blondiau, Directrice on her mobile: +32474884094
    • Liège: VentureLab (, contact Sophie Joris, Directrice on her mobile: +32486478979
    • Louvain-La-Neuve: Yncubator (, contact Sophie Neu, Directrice on her mobile: +32471996339
  • Incubators:
    • Brussels: Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels (, contact Cécile Jabaudon, Operational Directors on her mobile : +32476680877
    • Liège: The Faktory (, a very interesting place for entrepreneurs with in IOT projects, contact Simon Alexandre, Director on his mobile: +32479812736
    • Louvain-La-Neuve: CEI Louvain (, contact Jean-Marc-Simoens,  CEO on his phone: +3210392200
    • Nivelles: CAP Innove (, contact Eric Legrand, Conseiller en croissance d’entreprise, by e-mail: or by phone: +32492730878 or contact Guy Bouckaert – Directeur Général by e-mail :

2. Buy Online

The IRIS Book is available on international basis.  It can be purchased through the following on-line channels:

Available at Amazon

  •  or or
    • On amazon sites, you can use the following key words to easily locate the book:
      • the iris book pierre
      • Pierre De Muelenaere
      • The iris book Pierre De Muelenaere
      • 978-2-9601962-0-7 (which is the ISBN number of the IRIS Book)
    • You can select your preferred site, delivery will be done world-wide
  • Search on the following keywords to easily locate the book:
    • the iris book pierre
  • (this site) Go to our on-line shop (main page) and follow the instructions

3. Find a Book Shop

The IRIS Book is currently available in the following book shops:

  • Logo DUCDiffusion Universitaire Ciaco, Louvain-La-Neuve
    • Grand’Rue, 2-14
    • 1348, Louvain-La-Neuve
    • Belgique
    • Tél: +3210473378
    • e-mail:
    • Contact: Virginie Bouchonville
  • logo - le furet du NordLe Furet du Nord – Louvain-La-Neuve
    • Place Agora, 11, rue Charlemagne, 10
    • 1348, Louvain-La-Neuve
    • Belgique
    • Tél: +3210450566
    • e-mail:
    • Contact: Vanesse Henkinet
  • Le Furet du Nord – Namur
    • 53-55 rue Emile Cuvelier
    • 5000 Namur
    • Belgique
    • Tel: +3281220632
    • e-mail:
    • Contact: Eloise Clossen
  • logo Librairie PUBLibrairie PUB, Bruxelles
    • 42, Avenue Paul Héger
    • 1000, Bruxelles
    • Belgique
    • Tél: +3226411442
    • e-mail:
    • Contact: Brigitte Dufour
  • logo filigranesFiligranes, Bruxelles
    • Avenue des Arts 39-42
    • 1040 Bruxelles
    • Belgique
    • Tel: +3225119015
    • Contact: Blandine
  • Librairie du Midi, Bruxelles
    • Boulevard Poincaré, 75
    • 1070, Bruxelles
    • Belgique
    • Tel: +3225216899
  • logo librairie molière - 1Librairie Molière, Charleroi
    • Boulevard Tirou, 68
    • 6000, Charleroi
    • Belgique
    • Tel: +3271328919
    • e-mail: schu@moliè
    • Contact: Olivier Francq, responsable du rayon sciences humaines
  • logo librairie scientiaLibrairie Scientia, Mons
    • Passage du Centre, 9
    • 7000, Mons
    • Belgique
    • Tel: +3265339656
    • e-mail:
    • Contact: Marco Lamberti
  • logo librairie paxLibrairie Pax, Liège
    • Place Cockerill, 4
    • 4000, Liège
    • Belgique
    • Tel: +3242232146
    • e-mail:
    • Contact: Florence Sartor
  • Librairie Graffiti, Waterloologo librairie graffiti
    • Chaussée de Bruxelles 129-131
    • 1410, Waterloo
    • Belgique
    • Tel: +3223545796
    • e-mail:
    • Contact: Grégory Cattaruzza

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