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A unique 33 years story on Entrepreneurship!

A book designed to share experience.

About the IRIS Book

The IRIS Book is designed to share real-life experience on Entrepreneurship with engineers, young or confirmed entrepreneurs, managers willing to grow internationally, professors, directors, etc..

It captures the unique experience of Pierre De Muelenaere who has been leading the IRIS Project for 33 years in a row.

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About Pygargue

Pygargue is a Belgian, family owned business. It provides Consultancy Services in various fields and supports or invests in different projects in the field of Renewable Energy and Real Estate.

Recently, it has started a Publishing activity and has made a first release with The IRIS Book, a book dedicated to Entrepreneurship and designed to share experience with young or confirmed entrepreneurs.

The company is managed by Dr Pierre De Muelenaere, a confirmed entrepreneur with important international business experience.