UCLouvain conference on innovation

On this page, you will find two videos related to the conference on Innovation I have given on March 23, 2020 at the ESPO faculty of the UCLouvain, in the frame of the “Cours d’économie publique en BAC 3 économie et gestion (LECGE 1312)” of Professor Jean Hindriks

1 – You first have to watch a short TED-X video on “The Art of Successful Innovation”.

This video is in English and takes about 12 minutes. You can of course pause, accelerate or step back when needed. If you want to activate the subtitles which are available in English, French or Spanish play the video in youtube and activate the subtitle in the preference menu of Youtube.

2 – Then, you can start watching the long video on “innovation and competition”.

This video is in French (slides in English) and takes approximately 55 minutes. You can of course pause, accelerate or step back when needed…

This conference on Innovation is based on the Lecture 5 of the course LBIR1360 “Operations and Management of enterprises” that I’m giving to the BAC3 students of the Faculty of Bio-engineering. This course is based on experience and is sharing the basics that should be known by any young or mature entrepreneurs.

Do not hesitate to visit other sections of this site which contains articles and publications about innovation and entrepreneurship (More info => the IRIS Book in the News, More info => More about the IRIS Book)

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